So this was it. Today was the day I could prove to my mentor that I am one of THE best interns she’s ever had. Today it was just the interns without our mentor present to tell us, “Hang that shirt up on the rack” “Steam this dress” “Tape those shoes.” Despite the drenching sweat stains under my arm pits and the obvious tremble in my voice when saying, “Goo-ood-da moo-oor-nning!” to the photographer on the set, I was ready for what would hopefully be, an outstanding commercial shoot.


Here we go!


As soon as we arrived on set of the commercial, there was no time to waste. Out goes the hangers, assembling the clothing rack, organizing the jewelry and shoes to be displayed, and the sound of a roaring hot steam riding harsh wrinkles and creases from t-shirts and jeans.



Street Attics is a global lifestyle brand, which targets to urban and street wear fashion (www.streetattics.com). Each scene of the commercial would consist of the Street Attics t-shirts, which would be paired with nice bottoms and signature accessories.


Men’s t-shirt, “Grind Every Day Crewneck Sweater by NGD Clothing”

Street Attics White Attic Head t-shirt, paired with yellow jeans and heel. Were some of the featured clothing of the day.


Why should a plain t-shirt make you look boring? By pairing a soft colored pant, it enabled the Street Attic shirt to stand out. Not to mention the signature shades really set the tone for urban fashion wear!



It was such an amazing experience to be a part of styling for the  Street Attics Commercial. The models and team loved their looks and it was a feeling of accomplishment for assisting to style for their brand of urban and street wear!

To check out more in urban and street fashion for Street Attics, go to www.streetattics.com



-Triche Monroe~ Styling Intern

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Kristina Gaskin: Stylist, Creative Director, Retail Business Consultant

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