• “flying in high style”

“flying in high style”

If you are one of the millions of Americans who will travel during the upcoming holiday season, then you will inevitably have to decide between elegance or comfort.
while some celebrities have mastered the art of posh travel, others prefer to dress down at the airport.
Traveling season is just around the corner and it can’t hurt to take some hints from these chic celebrities who know how to travel in style.


Check out  the look of classy elegance with  Nina Dobrev . She is radiant in a printed maxi skirt and classic Rayban clubmaster sunglasses.

Victoria Beckham lives up to her posh nickname in this daring skirt and high heels.

Taylor swift lets her classy style shine in a colorful skirt, striped top and peep-toe heels.

Jennifer Lopez keeps it casual in sneakers and leggings.

Selena Gomez outfit is simple and comfortable: skinny jeans and a white tee. and finally

Beyonce relaxed style consists of layered t-shirts and big sunglasses (no makeup necessary).

Carolina Estrada- Styling Intern

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