Fashionably Correct: Q&A with Kristina Gaskin

Q_A_KristinaHow do you go about picking out swimwear when you are pregnant? Is there an age limit on leggings? Stylist Kristina Gaskin gives us the answers.

Q:As a pregnant woman, what is the best way to choose swimwear? -TRACY

A: Great question Tracy! Pregnancy can be one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life when it comes to finding that right look that makes her feel confident. And any mother would still want to take that confidence to the pool or beach! My tips for choosing the right swimwear are to find what makes you comfortable first, and second, find a suit that accentuates your new curves. Great cuts for the expecting mother are tankinis! They offer great support in the bust area while also showing off that fabulous new baby bump!

Q:What is the difference between a dated clothing piece and a vintage piece? -SELENA

A: Hi Selena! Great question. I have one rule of thumb when it comes to letting pieces in your closet go. If you can look at them and name the year they were popular or the singing group that made them popular, they are probably dated pieces. Now when you say vintage I’m guessing that you mean clothing that can transition throughout the decades and not the ‘vintage’ sold in stores like Decades in L.A. that goes for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Black dresses, pencil skirts, and blazers are vintage. Even though you may have purchased them years ago, they can still be mixed and matched with today’s trendy fashions to create a modern appeal.

Q:I love patterned leggings but I am 45. Am I too old for this look? -REBA

A: Well Reba, I’m a believer that fashion knows no age, but in this instance I’d have to agree that patterned leggings should not be a staple in a 45-year-old woman’s wardrobe. They scream of an attempt to make some sort of fashion statement, but not really. If you’re a fan of wild and crazy patterns, may I suggest a patterned trouser or skinny pant? Either can be worn with a solid blazer and a nice solid sheer blouse that brings out the color in the pant. This way the bottoms are still a focus but you bring more sophistication to the look!

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