• Fall ’14 Accessories

Fall ’14 Accessories

Ah yes! Summer is mildly heading toward its end for this year. We’re heading into pre-fall and fall seasons thinking only about what trends to shop for next. Accessories, otherwise known as girls’ best friend, are what completes an outfit. This year, designers seem to have put fall accessories at equal status with clothing items. So many have put an emphasis on adding the right statements to their designs.

So, what accessories are on trend for fall? Take a look at some of our favorites of the upcoming season.


Country-Western: As seen at Alexander Wang, Chanel, and even Versace, western inspired boots and bags are all the rage this fall. Search for cowboy style shoes, fringe, and earth tones.


Metal Details: Hints of metallic hues on shoes and bags are also a hot commodity. Adding edge is not an issue, as Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham showed us during their runway shows.


Shearling Everywhere: One of the top clothing trends for pre-fall/fall made its way to accessories as well. It’s totally fine to wear shearling fur bags, boots, and shoes. Chloe, Coach, and Marc Jacobs taught us that.


Candy-Colored: You read that right! Soft candy colored jewels, shoes, and purses are on trend for Fall. Unexpected, but appreciated.


Exotic Print Bags: This trend may not be an unexpected one because it’s snake skin is always a good idea. However, Bottega Veneta showed us some fresh styles this year.





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