• 3 Easy & Fun Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

3 Easy & Fun Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

Fashion allows us to express our personal style, but with the constantly changing fads how can you keep your wardrobe on trend? Well there are three ways to make your current wardrobe on trend now and for seasons to come.
1. Invest in the basics
In order to make sure your wardrobe can transform with the times, you have to invest in the classics and make sure those pieces are in good condition. Do you have such basics as… a fitted blazer? A plain white cotton T-shirt? A pair of well-fitting jeans? A little black dress? A bright colored bag? Take note of what’s in your closet, where you need improvement, and how you will add the missing pieces to your clothing collection. A strong wardrobe is like a strong house – nothing without a good foundation.
2. Live in color
The easiest way to be in style, express your personal style, and to keep your shopping budget friendly is to purchase fun pieces that are on par with color trends for the season. The color trends for Fall 2014 include bright reds and pinks, and soft purples, grays, and yellows balanced with the neutrals black and white. Incorporate the color trends by adding fun accessories to your wardrobe. For example, you could get a pale yellow clutch.
3. Out with the old, in with the new
The most important thing to do to keep your wardrobe on trend is to donate clothes that aren’t practical anymore. Get rid of clothes that do not fit, that you haven’t worn in over a year, and that have holes and stains. By making sure your wardrobe only has clothes in good condition, you express your self-confidence and your excitement for life.
So remember when it comes to updating your wardrobe you should make sure you have invested in the basics, get new pieces on color trend, and purge any outdated or worn-out clothes. This way, you stay current with the constantly changing fads, but still work with your set wardrobe and a limited budget.

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Kristina Gaskin: Stylist, Creative Director, Retail Business Consultant

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